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UAE retains tops spot competitiveness among Middle East economies

Dubai: The UAE retained its top position in competitiveness in the Arab world moving up one position to 16th in …

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Real Estate Investment Environment in The U.A.E.

Many factors have affected the real estate sector over the last two years, but the industry remains resilient and …

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UAE business conditions improve as job hiring picks up

Dubai: Business conditions in the UAE seem to have improved, with the growth of the non-oil private sector …

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Organize. Invest. Develop.

Specialising in start-up and SME companies, ORINDE provides solid financial foundations from which organisations are able to consistently achieve profitable targets.


We pride ourselves on our ability to develop small businesses and drive lasting, positive changes.


We are a partner you can trust. 

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Our staff

We have over 20 years of combined experience in corporate finance, law, risk management, investments and real estate. Therefore our staff guarantee expertise, knowledge and insight into many financial services, along with excellent customer service. 

Our Added Values

  • Cost saving analysis
  • Book-keeping and financial optimisation
  • Reengineering of operating models and processes 
  • Technical financial services for support and integration
  • Legal advice and support 
  • Proactive counseling in anticipation of market perturbations

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