Law Firms

Orinde advises law firms on their individual financial performance and makes critical recommendations in order to enhance their profitability.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Orinde developped a specific know how for Legal firms. Our experience allows us to develop a specific package tailor made for law firms, thus answering the specific needs of this specific activity.


Package for Law firms:

Part/Full Time Accountant

Financial Reporting and Analysis

ERP Systems

Cost Allocation per Case, Clients and Opponents

Deep Knowledge in the legal system

VAT implementation

These are the key areas in which we operate:
Accounting Structure and System: We at Orinde help with setting up the ERP system that will maintain and improve your companies’ profit margins.  We also rigorously keep track of ongoing cases between all departments and make sure that clients are being charged for every hour they spend with you.

Capital Structure and Turnarounds: Our goal is to understand your firm’s short-term financial position, to forecast the future capital needs and to then identify the resources necessary to meet those demands.  We will work with you to establish a strong financial profile, and develop a projection of capital requirements considering all key elements, such as plans to bring in new partners, infrastructure and debt. When a law firm is faced with a potentially devastating financial crisis caused by excessive debt, cash flow deficits, or other operational problems, we can help. Orinde consultants work with you to help with organizational restructuring, identifying unprofitable offices and reducing other expenses. 

Legal Services