Real estate sector

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Orinde developped a specific know how for contracting and interior design companies. Our experience allows us to develop a specific package tailor made for Architecture and Design studios, as well as contractors, thus answering the specific needs of this industry.


Contracting and Architecture/Design Package:

  • Part/Full Time Accountant
  • Proper Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • ERP Systems
  • Cost allocation system per project
  • VAT implementation


Investment Advisory

In terms of Real Estate investment advisory, we operate in two segments: Real Estate Investment (REI) and Private Capital Management (PCM).


Our REI segment is conducted through an operating partnership. Our PCM segment, on the other hand, is conducted through Orinde Capital Advisors. Through our REI segment, the company acquires and operates a diverse portfolio of core commercial real estate investments. Primarily this consists of necessity-based retail properties located throughout the MENA region (including EU and US protectorates). 


The Company’s PCM segment is responsible for overseeing the Managed REIs’ affairs on a day-to-day basis, identifying and making acquisitions and investments on their behalf.



Real Estate